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MODA Chocolate Tart Shells

Posted by Bea Davis on Nov 10, 2013 6:23:00 PM



Pastry 1 presents MODA chocolate tart shells - -  a new product line of pre-baked, shelf stable butter tart shells with a modern esthetic.  


The MODA tarts are crafted by hand using wholesome ingredients including  NEW ZEALAND BUTTER.  The tarts weigh 30-40% more than its direct competitor which gives a more stable structure, and extends the shelf-life once it is filled.  MODA Tarts are also coated to delay sogginess.  An essential addition to the rest of the MODA tart shell line.  


Item #


  Tart Size /Count




Moda  Sweet CHOCOLATE Dough Tart Shell Mini Round   

  1.5” / 144 pcs




Moda  Sweet CHOCOLATE Dough Tart Shell Mini Round

  2” / 60 pcs



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