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Paris Gourmet  Specialty Food Importer 

Established in 1983, Paris Gourmet is a leading specialty food importer and distributor sourcing products worldwide and
based in New Jersey servicing the New York tri-state area and nationally with a network of distributors.  

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At Paris Gourmet, we only import the highest quality products. Our food is unrefined and unprocessed to ensure excellence. Quality is always a priority at Paris Gourmet. 

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Confectionary Supplies

Technical Support

The Paris Gourmet technical team conducts educational opportunities for chefs, training of staff, and research and product development in pursuit of quality and innovation. 

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Modern Gastronomy

Ingredients that take advantage of the latest research in culinary science.


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Gourmet Featured Products

Sweety Drop Peppers

These small, tear-shaped peppers originated in the Peruvian Amazon. Also known as Incan Red Drops, Sweety Drops have a sugar-like sweetness and work well in salads, pizza or pastas, or even in baked goods.

Le Pommier Camembert`
Le Pommier Camembert

Firmly rooted in the Norman cheesemaking tradition, Le Pommier Camembert and Brie du Pommier from Normandy are amongst the most authentic-tasting cheeses available in the USA. 

Calasparra rice Paris Gourmet`
Calasparra Rice

The rice of Calasparra is known in Spain and the world. It's the only rice in the world that enjoys this boasted endorsement of guarantee and quality. It's unique by cultivating itself in a very mountainous and sunny area.

Praesent vestibulu`
Prosciutto di Parma Italy Il Numero Uno

Il Numero Uno’s Prosciutto di Parma is Italy’s gift to the American Palate. The consortium guarantees the quality of their products, the place of origin, and the state of the art aging and seasoning process.

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U.S. Pastry Competition
America’s most prestigious pastry competition

The event allows leading pastry chefs to showcase their talents by creating a plated dessert and mini pastry buffet exhibited with a highly technical sculpted chocolate showpiece.  The 2019 assigned theme is “Astrology” a 100% chocolate showpiece INSPIRED by the signs of the zodiac.  2019 is the Year of Collaboration!  Teams: Coach + Competitor.

Download the U.S. Pastry Competition 2019 Entry Form

Honoring the 2018 Award Winners

Stephen Sullivan is the U.S. Pastry Competition Pastry Chef of the Year 2018
Stephen Sullivan
Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

U.S. Pastry Competition Pastry Chef of the Year 2018

Steven Tran Is 2nd Place Winner
Steven Tran
Thomas Haas Chocolates

2nd Place Winner of the 29th U.S. Pastry Competition

Courtney Courmier 3rd Place Winner 29th U.S. Pastry Competition
Courtney Cormier
Union League Club

3rd Place Winner of the 29th U.S. Pastry Competition

Alexandra Inkley Honorable Mention 29th U.S. Pastry Competition
Alexandra Inkley
Restaurant Daniel

Honorable Mention Winner of the 29th U.S. Pastry Competition