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Hero Fruit Spreads and Marmalade

Posted by John Duffy on Sep 12, 2013 3:59:00 PM

Established in 1886, Hero’s vision was to preserve fruits as gently and carefully as possible, made from only the finest select fruits from Europe.


They contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives - - a 100% natural product.  Hero supplies luxury hotels and fine restaurants across the globe. - - the preferred choice of top bakeries for complimenting artisan breads and pastries.

HE1059 Bitter Orange Pail resized 600

The Hero premium Fruit spreads and marmalades are now in EZ pails - - no more tins!

Easy to open with resealable lid 

Hero - Plastic Bulk Pail
Packed 9.35 lb / 1 per Case

Item #    Description
HE1054    Four Fruits
HE1056    Apricot
HE1057    Strawberry
HE1059    Bitter Orange
HE1060    Raspberry
HE1062    Blueberry

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