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IN-n-OUT. New York Makes it Official

The NEW Bakery in Town

How The Bottomless Cup Of Coffee Will No Longer Be...

Paris Gourmet Celebrates Bastille Day!

Malongo Coffee Outdoor Dining Umbrellas- limited availability!

Restaurant QR Codes Is Essential To Dine At Jean- Georges Restaurants

How to Reopen Your Restaurant

Think Chocolate! with Pastry Chef Eric Bertoia

David Chang's New Memoir Highlights Mental Health

Meal Kits Is The New Mis En Place


What we're reading...

Memorial Day 2020


The Best Thing We've Seen

May is Artisan Gelato Month

Now Serving...

Cinco de Mayo is Alive and Well

What are you drinking?

That's Not a Knife. THAT'S A KNIFE!

Home Bread Baking is Back!

Reservation for One at Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven

Paris Gourmet COVID-19 Update April 20 2020

Real Baking with Rose

The Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dalgona coffee - the hot new social media trend

Chocolate and the Holidays

"Vodka Martini, Shaken, not Stirred!"

It's Cookie Time!

Because we could all use a feel-good story right now

Paris Gourmet is pleased to announce...

The Butter Book

The food world remembers Floyd Cardoz


How The Cockroach of the Sea Became the Most Expensive Item on the Menu

"A Man on Table 6 Wants an Eggless Omelette..."

What we're reading


Simple Yet Substantial Sandwiches For Takeout

The Passing of the Great Spoon

A Sunday in the Life of Sother

Spring is...springing!

See You Sunday at Speed Rack!

Celebrate National Margarita Day!

Fitness for the Whole Staff

Versatility Shines: Pastry 1 Cristal Neutral Glaze

Scientists Study Chocolate Using Real Time X-Rays for the First Time

Picture Book: Two Recent Events

Mise En Place 8/19/2014

U.S. Pastry Competition 2015: Change of Date

Founder of French Ice-Cream Parlor Raymond Berthillon Dies

Paris Gourmet Education Center: Classes for September 2014

Pastry Trends: Five of the Best Paris Pastries

Ladies' Luxuries: Versace

Cookie Puss: Intergalactic Pastry From Tom Carvel to the Beastie Boys

Pastry Trivia: The Scientific Way To Cut A Cake

First Eclairs, Now Choux: Past Hits Are Current Trends

Methocel F50: Not That Kind of Meth

Queen of Pastry 2014: Centerpiece


Finalists Are Announced for 25th Anniversary Competition

Mise En Place 12/12/2013

Kappa Carrageenan: Seaweed Goes Haute Cuisine

U.S. Pastry Competition Entry Form Deadline Extended

Today's Mis En Place 12/05/2013

Today's Mis En Place

Seven Ways To Use Chestnuts Every Day

IQF Fruits: 9 Tips For Great Results

Updated Paris Gourmet Product List Available

Caviar Spherification

Apple Pectin Time

U.S. Pastry Competition Update

U.S. Pastry Competition - Pastry Chef of the Year UPDATE

The Baking World Gathers At The IBIE Show in Las Vegas

Nutriose: A Natural Way to Improve Fried Food

Ten Keys for Great Ice Cream Cakes

Tourism Booms In New York City

Taste of France Fills Bryant Park NYC September 28-29

Smashing Styrian Pumpkins

See The Roux Scholarship Winner At Work

Ultra Tex: Not Your Grandmother’s Tapioca

Le Diner en Blanc New York 2013 at Bryant Park

Sucrose Ester: This Fat Wears Many Hats

Rainbow Room to Re-open in 2014

It's Ramen Week 2013

Why We All Scream for Ice Cream (and Gelato)

Attack of the 210 foot Sugar Ribbon

World Pastry Cup Photo Album Available

The Big BOOM: The Birth of the Cereal Revolution

Locust Bean Gum: Ancient History Meets Modern Gastronomy

2014 U.S. Pastry Competition Entry Form Now Available

Tapioca Maltodextrin: Dust Never Sleeps

From Malaysian Ais Kacang to Louisiana Sno-Balls, a Global Primer on Locally Shaved Ice

Cuisine Tech Lecithin Powder To Foam The World

New Video Series Highlights Cuisine-Tech Applications

Bloggers Applaud 2013 US Pastry Competition

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