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Creative Signature Burgers Bring Flare To Your Menu


The L and L burger at Leroy and Lewis in Austin TX.   Their smoked brisket patty is covered in a blanket of melty cheese, and topped with grilled onions, pickles, and burger sauce, all nestled in between a toasted potato bun.


The folks at Litehouse Foods have devised a simple guideline to guarantee your signature burger captured the apetite and devotion of your customers.

Premium meat combos- in addition to a great signature ground beef bland, many chefs are adding other premium meats like pulled pork, smoked brisket, or even a slice of seared foie gras to entice their diners.

Flavor stacking-  we all think of bacon and vegetables as burger enhancers.  What about house fermented pickles, slaws, or kimchee?  There is no limit!

Top Shelf Toppings- house made condiments including dressings, mayonnaise, hot sauces, or cheese variations add interest too.

Next Level Aioli-  why not compose your own version of a classic aioli that can top a burger and improve sandwiches too?

How do you fill the bun?

BRE502 Tavern Burger Bun beauty



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