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Cuisine-Tech introduces three instant gelatine powders with high speed solubility.  Fast and easy!

Thanks to their patented powder formulation, they can be used directly in water-based recipes.  They melt immediately in liquids at very low temperature and do not require the usual strong mechanical agitation.  This saves time and does not affect the flavors of your delicate raw materials.  They can be used in sweet and savory applications.  

Gelecta Active Gelatine Powder can be added to liquids using a whisk with or without pre-hydration.

Gelecta Cold- Delicate Texture Designer is used to design airy, creamy, or gelatinous structures by adding the exact amount that you choose to set the way you want it to.  

Italgel Fast is the perfect gelifier for GUMMIES!  Easy to use and sets FAST!

Chefs can now dial in the exact texture that they want for their most imaginative creations.

Gelecta dessert


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