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That's Not a Knife. THAT'S A KNIFE!


Crocodile Dundee



Knives are the best way to get into a chefs "good graces", but it can also backfire and get on their worst side if you decide to use their knife without their consent. The knife to a chef is an extension of themselves representing their set of skills. It is an item that they are very proud of because it is a huge investment that they use on a daily basis.





"A knife is used on a daily basis like a workhorse, but should also be used like a scalpel" - Chef Brad/ Bon Appetit Test Kitchen





From a chef knife to a cleaver knife, Japanese vs Western, the discussion of knives can go on for hours when you discuss this topic with a chef. When purchasing a knife, the following things must come into play:

  • What is it being used for? ( for fish? cutting cakes?)
  • Size - The size of the knife needs to be comfortable in your hand.
  • Weight- Just like the size, a heavy knife and/or a light knife can cause some issues both long and short term.
  • Balance- It is a key factor when purchasing a knife. It helps when using the tip of the knife for precise cuts.
  • Comfort - Comfort ties in the size, weight, and balance factors. You are using this knife on a daily basis, so you have to be comfortable using it. The knife is an extension of you, so if your not comfortable when handling the knife..... it will show in your work!


Seeing is believing, so check out the links below on the multiple topics of knives and of course the famous scene from Mr. Crocodile Dundee! Enjoy!



Crocodile Dundee- That's Not a Knife

Korin Knives- How to Pick a Chef Knife

Professional Chefs Show Us Their Knives - Test Kitchen Talks - Bon Appetit

Knifemaker Explains The Difference Between Chef's Knives- Epicurious

Bon Appetit's Rick Martinez Tests Chef's Knives


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