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What is a Tracklement?

15 Feb, 2017
/ by Bea Davis/
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A tracklement is a savoury condiment (for example a mustard, relish or chutney), especially one served with meat.  Coined in its current sense by the English cookery writer Dorothy Hartley in her book Food in England in 1954, but probably derived from a similar dialect word with variant spellings (e.g. tranklement, tanchiment) used before that date across North and Central England and meaning "ornaments, trinkets; bits of things".

We offer a classic variety of authentic British tracklements:

  • Fresh Mint Jelly- Sweet mint jelly with a hint of lemony tartness.
  • Traditional Mint Sauce- A more potent and less sweet mint concentrate with cider vinegar.
  • Strong Horseradish Cream- Pungent horseradish sauce mellowed by fresh cream.
  • Cranberry, Port and Orange Sauce- Tart sauce with cranberries, orange zest, and Port.
  • Spiced Plum Chutney- Chutney containing Stanley plums.
  • Apple and Cider Brandy Chutney- Kentish Bramley apples and a liberal measure of Somerset cider brandy.

Think about the pairings!  Hot or cold roasted meats, mature cheeses, meat pies, toasted sandwiches ....  or Duck Breast with Plum Chutney!  See the assortment.Duck Breasts in Plum Sauce with Tracklements Plum Chutney_1.jpg