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Sweet and Sour: Sugar Syrups and Citrus Juices

Posted by Bea Davis on Oct 30, 2014 3:00:38 PM

Canadou Pure Sugar Cane Syrup

CANADOU is the inseparable companion of white rum for the preparation of a wide variety of cocktails. The product of sugar cane and sunshine, it reveals its astonishing sweetening capacity and simplicity of use in everyday preparations to replace granulated sugar.




Dillon Red Sugar Cane Syrup

Crafted exclusively from brown sugar, the Dillon cane syrup offers some truly splendid aromas marked by all the shades of vanilla and cinnamon.   An essential partner to give an exotic touch to your punches and cocktails.



Citror Sicilian Lemon and Lime Juices


The Lime Juice Citror Professional is composed of 99% of Sicilian lime juice and the strict amount of preservatives needed for practical use. It is also guaranteed no coloring and no added sugar. One liter of juice is equivalent to 40 fresh limes (the average yield of a lime is 35% juice). Brix: 8 Brix Acidity: 55g / L of citric acid. Recommendations of uses: The Lime Juice Citror Business adapts to both savory and sweet preparations: 
Seasonings (Salad, Carpaccio, Meat, Fish ...) 
Pastries (lemon tarts, sorbets, jams ...) 
It is also an excellent preservative because of its antioxidant qualities.


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Imperial Chorizo from Pata Negra

Posted by Bea Davis on Oct 30, 2014 2:33:19 PM

Pata Negra, the producer of Imperial Chorizo, brought with them the ancient recipes, expertise and know how from the heart of old Spain to make the best cured meats in the US.  Their state-of-the-art facility makes all sorts of Spanish style cured meats.


  Hot Chorizo 

Their goal is to bring hundreds of years of tradition to the U.S., while scrupulously complying to all USDA requirements.

They have been involved in every aspect of the food industry for the past 25 years through their parent company in Spain. From retail to the food industry, farming to manufacturing, they bring all of their experience and expertise to this new venture in Upstate New York.



   Mild Chorizo 

Authentic Spanish Necessities For Paella

Posted by Bea Davis on Oct 30, 2014 2:11:12 PM

Calasparra Rice


The rice of Calasparra is known in Spain and the world. Proof of it's quality is the concession of the Denomination of Calasparra Origin, being the only rice in the world that enjoys this boasted endorsement of guarantee and quality. 


- BY its climatology, cultivating itself in a very mountainous and sunny area. 
- BY the coldness and purity of its waters. 
- BY its system of irrigation with a constant renovation of water allowing one varied fauna within the rice fields. 
- BY alternation of the rice with other cultures, and the periodic soil rest, favoring the regeneration of the ground and reading the elements necessary to maintain a quality supreme. 
- BY the maintenance of traditional seeds that are solely used in Calasparra. 
- BY its slow maturation, with a cycle that is extended greater than 30% compared to other rice. 
- BY its natural dehydration, that distinguishes the flavor and hardness and great firm but creamy texture.






Pimenton "El Angel" Smoked Spanish Paprika



A popular ingredient in paella and many Mediterranean recipes, 
many from Spain swear by this paprika, as its flavor 
is essential for authentic Spanish cooking. The peppers 
are dried slowly over an oak burning fire for several 
weeks. The result is a sweet, cool, smoky flavor.



Fresh Italian Cheeses

Posted by Bea Davis on Oct 30, 2014 1:56:22 PM
An excellent production of traditional Robiola Fiorita: a soft cheese taste smooth but refined. The rind is almost invisible, a slight bloom, which becomes more significant as time passes. The paste is soft and white, compact, finely granular. The flavor is very fresh and pleasant in the mouth.

More Craft Cocktail Ingredients!

Posted by Bea Davis on Aug 20, 2014 5:09:30 PM

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

The Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries are cherries candied with Marasca syrup, a fruit cultivated and processed by Luxardo for distilling its renowned Maraschino, and for preparing, by infusion, the Marasca cherry liqueur named Sangue Morlacco.  The percentage of Marasca cherries in the jar is about 50% and so is the percentage of syrup. No thickening agents of any type and no preservatives are used.




Fever Tree Soda Water, Ginger Beer, and Tonic Water


By blending fabulous botanical oils with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the fever tree, we have created a delicious, natural tonic with a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma. 

Colour - pure and crystal clear 
Aroma - clean and fresh with citrus and aromatic hint 
Flavour - Very soft. Subtle and supportive citrus and fruit notes balanced by bitterness of natural quinine. The finish is clean with none of the usual cloying mouth feel of other tonics 
Texture - high carbonation delivers the aromas and taste in a classic refreshing style




Angostura Bitters


Angostura bitters are a key ingredient in many cocktails. Originally used to help with upset stomachs of the soldiers in the Simón Bolívar army, it later became popular in soda water and was usually served with gin. The mix stuck in the form of a Pink Gin, and is also used in many other alcoholic cocktails such as Long vodka, consisting of vodka, Angostura bitters, and lemonade. In the United States, it is best known for its use in whiskey cocktails: the Old Fashioned, made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, and water,[8] and The Manhattan, made usually with rye whiskey and sweet vermouth. In a Pisco Sour a few drops are sprinkled on top of the foam, both for aroma and decoration. In a Champagne Cocktail a few drops of bitters are added to a sugar cube. Though not in the classic recipe, bartenders sometimes add more flavor to the Mojito cocktail by sprinkling a few drops of Angostura bitter on top. Bitters can also be used in soft drinks; a common non-alcoholic drink served in Australian and New Zealand pubs is lemon, lime and bitters.



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Award Winning Hand Crafted Goat Cheeses from MontChevre

Posted by Bea Davis on Jul 31, 2014 3:41:59 PM


Based in Belmont Wisconsin, Montchevre is committed to creating French Style Goat Cheeses using prime quality milk from hundreds independent family farms.  With their high standards and extensive knowledge of cheesemaking, Montchevre produces some of the best goat cheeses in the United States. In recent years, goat cheese has grown from a novelty ingredient in primarily French and Mediterranean restaurants to a standard menu  item across a wide range of styles and cuisines.  This selection helps the chef incorporate goat cheese into their kitchens with a wide range of convenient packaging and bulk sizing for optimal value.



CH1210 Fresh Goat Cheese Logs-With respect for traditional French Cheesemaking techniques, cheese maker Jean Rossard has established a perfectly balanced recipe for Montchevre’s Fresh Goat Cheese Logs that emphasizes the flavor of prime quality milk collected from their network of independent family farms.


CH1211 Crumbled Goat Cheese 2lb Tray-Montchevre’s Fresh Goat Cheese crumbles are ideal for chefs.  Just sprinkle on salads, pastas, vegetables, panini, pizzas, and almost anything else.


CH1212 Goat Cheese Rondin 2lb-Fresh goat cheese log in a larger size.   Perfect for any high capacity kitchen!


CH1213 Fresh Bulk Chevre 4lb Tub-Fresh, handcrafted goat cheese in a convenient 4lb tub.  This is a perfect solution for those kitchens using large amounts of goat cheese.



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CH1214 Fromage Blanc pur Chevre 3.5lb tray-A soft and creamy goat cheese with spreadable consistency.  Rich in goat milk flavor with a nice discreet tang.  Blend into sauces, or great as a base for dips and spreads. Montchevre’s Fromage Blanc is a healthier alternative to cream cheese.


CH1215 La Chevriotte 4.4oz x 6- Montchevre’s homage to traditional Camembert.  This soft 

ripened goat cheese is covered with a white penicillium mold, and becomes soft and creamy as it ages and flavor develops.


CH1216 Le Cabrie 2.2lb - Le Cabrie is a goat milk Brie, with a white penicillium mold (often 

referred to as the “fleurie”) covering the exterior of the cheese.  This velvet like rind protects a soft, oozing, creamy inside that has a smooth and delicate taste.  Like many soft ripened cheeses, the taste and flavor profile evolves through a natural aging process called “lipolise”.  This cheese will develop stronger earthy accent and become softer and creamier as it slowly ages from the outside in.  Le Cabrie can be used where ever traditional Brie cheese would be.


CH1217 Bucheron 2.8lb - The ivory colored Bucheron is well known for offering the taste and texture of two cheeses in one.  This cheese usually matures for 5-10 weeks, giving it a dense center and gooey cream line rich in flavor with discreet eartthy undertones, blending perfectly with the delicate flavors of Montchevre’s high quality fresh goats milk.  The beautiful rind on the Bucheron makes it the perfect centerpiece for a cheese board, but is equally delicious melted into a quiche, crostini, or even on a steak.



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Bon Patissier Macarons: Single Flavor Cases Now Available

Posted by Bea Davis on Jul 25, 2014 3:47:12 PM

Single variety cases of our very popular Bon Patissier French Macarons are now available.  Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Pistachio, Raspberry and Coffee macarons are frozen and packed into protective plastic trays.  There are 48 macarons per tray, and four trays per case, for a total of 192 delicious macarons per case.  Simply thaw and serve!




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Pastry 1 Decor: Wonder Paste, Sugar Lace Mix, and Sugar Modeling Paste

Posted by Bea Davis on Jul 25, 2014 2:24:21 PM
Wonder Paste- freeze stable fondant 
Thin sugar paste very easy to use with rolling pin or dough sheeter, very clean and natural taste, suitable for wedding cakes and decorations. The high quality of sugars and ingredients results in a very supple, pure white paste. It can be colored and frozen without issues. It is available in white and in several colors: pink, blue, black, and yellow. It's just wonderful!
Sugar Lace is a powder preparation that, once conveniently diluted with water, turns into an edible mixture to be smoothed over silicone mats.

The product can be colored with water soluble colors. Stir color into the water before mixing with the product.
Ready-to-use white paste for modeling and decoration of subjects like flowers, animals, characters, etc. “MODEL PASTE” can be painted to achieve spectacular artistic creations. It can appear quite compact at first thanks to its high content of cocoa butter. We recommend slightly warming the mass heating for a few seconds in a microwave oven or manipulating it manually to achieve optimal working texture.
Download the Pastry 1 Brochure

Macaron Mix from Pastry 1

Posted by Bea Davis on Jul 24, 2014 2:38:52 PM

There is no end in sight for the rising popularity of French macarons.  Whether chefs are preparing traditional sandwich style cookies, or using these crispy shells for decorations or bases for other creations, every kitchen is producing macaron paste on a far more frequent basis.  Chefs asked us for a fast and easy powdered preparation to help their staff meet the demand, and Pastry 1 Macaron Mix is the perfect solution.


Anyone can produce perfect macarons in minutes...



All you need is our Pastry 1 Macaron Mix powder, your egg whites and coloring, and 3 minutes in your mixer, and this paste is ready to pipe and bake!  See many more Pastry 1 products in the Pastry 1 Brochure.

Download the Pastry 1 Brochure


Bon Patissier Frozen Cake Line Revamped for 2014

Posted by Bea Davis on Dec 10, 2013 11:17:00 AM

Four New Cakes Added; Updates to Standards, Too


Chocolate Hazelnut Feuillantine joins the menu.

Paris Gourmet happily introduces some new additions and updates to our popular Bon Patissier frozen cake line.  These popular cake strips allow the most versatility of portioning and application.  From small squares for petit fours to wedges or rectangles for individual desserts, the chef controls the look and portion size.  These cakes are ready whenever the banquet count suddenly rises or a party is added at the last minute.  For easiest handling, portion and plate while still somewhat frozen.  But be sure to serve at room temperature so your guests enjoy the most flavor.


The New Additions

Chocolate Hazelnut Feuillantine- pictured above- Biscuit topped with a crunchy hazelnut chocolate biscuit and topped with a chocolate mousse. Finished with caramelized hazelnut pieces and chocolate velvet.


Strawberry Raspberry Mousse Cake- Biscuit soaked with kirschwasser syrup topped with a strawberry-raspberry mousse.  Strawberry and black currant glaze decor.


Pear Caramel Mousse Cake- Chocolate biscuit, chocolate hazelnut crunch layer, and caramel mousse with diced poached pears.  Decorated with chocolate lines and apricot-caramel glaze.


Download The Bon Patissier Brochure



Crunchy Coffee Mousse Cake- Almond chocolate biscuit topped with crunchy white chocolate biscuit, a coffee mousse. Finished with an apricot icing.

The Updates

                   350_400____101035_105                                   350_400____101033_103

                              Tiramisu                                                         Opera

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