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Mini Choux Assortment

10 Nov, 2013
/ by Bea Davis/
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Bon Patissier presents a new mini choux pastry collection which boasts a journey of six delicious flavors:  Brest with its hazelnut-almond praline, New York with its cream cheese and caramelized macadamia nut pieces, Montreal with its cranberries, Tokyo with its yuzu juice, and Zanzibar with its chocolate mousse made with fruity, perfectly balanced chocolate couverture . . . and don’t forget Deauville, with its salted butter caramel from the gourmet’s ultimate destination, Normandy.

Carefully selected ingredients and meticulous production methods.  Perfect with coffee, at tea time, as a plated dessert, for large dinner groups and during snack breaks.  Thaw and serve.

BON082 Mini Choux Pastries          48 pcs  (6 flavors, 8 each flavor) = Unit / 1 Case