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Macaron Mix from Pastry 1

24 Jul, 2014
/ by Bea Davis/
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There is no end in sight for the rising popularity of French macarons.  Whether chefs are preparing traditional sandwich style cookies, or using these crispy shells for decorations or bases for other creations, every kitchen is producing macaron paste on a far more frequent basis.  Chefs asked us for a fast and easy powdered preparation to help their staff meet the demand, and Pastry 1 Macaron Mix is the perfect solution.


Anyone can produce perfect macarons in minutes...



All you need is our Pastry 1 Macaron Mix powder, your egg whites and coloring, and 3 minutes in your mixer, and this paste is ready to pipe and bake!  See many more Pastry 1 products in the Pastry 1 Brochure.

Download the Pastry 1 Brochure