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ICYMI UPDATES: Some new takes on existing items

25 May, 2021
/ by Bruce Banner/
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Some traditional favorites have been adopted and joined different brand families.  Our customers wanted the convenience of larger sizes too.  Thanks for your feedback!  You help us innovate.

Click the red links to learn more.

New members of the Tierra de Espana brand:

ESP501 Capers 600px

Cuisine Tech items in new LARGER packs

Paris_CT1055_Whipped Cream 600px

Tomatoes join the new Val Italia family of Italian origin products

val1000 Peeled Tomatoes 600px

New additions to the Amifruit brand

AMI934 AmiFruit Strawberry Nectar 600px

New pack size available for Pastry 1 Glucose Syrup

New Bon Patissier roll for summer!

BON916 Challah Slider 600px