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The Definitive Xanthan Gum Pop Hits Playlist

Xanthan gum is a super useful cold process thickener and stabilizer that is very easy to use.. Chef Frederic Larre created this great video to explain how it works and one easy way to make it work!

The Playlist

Click the list to hear the song and see the video.  Don't miss "Safety Dance" if you haven't seen this.  It's like a bizarre missing episode of Game of Thrones....


Ninety Nine and a Half Won't Do

Wilson Pickett 1966- peaked at #13

As Wicked Mister Pickett would tell you, we've got to have 100- percent...  But if you want to thicken a liquid, just one percent of xanthan gum will increase the viscosity (thicken the liquid) nicely.


The Heat Is On

Glenn Frey 1984 peaked at #2- this song from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack is NOT required when working with xanthan gum.  In fact, there is not heat required!


Show Me The WHEY

Peter Frampton 1976 peaked at #6- one of the many hit tracks from the Godzilla of double live albums Frampton Comes Alive.  In this case, we want Frampton to show us the WHEY, the byproduct of cheese production that serves as the largest source for xanthan gum.


Baby Got Back 

Sir Mix-a-Lot- 1992- landed at #2 FOR THE YEAR!  And like The Sir, when you use xanthan gum, be sure to mix it... A Lot! And strongly!  Food scientists would explain this phenomenon as "shear thinning" which means that as you stir, mix, or shake the mass more, its viscosity decreases, and it flows more easily.  So use a strong blender to incorporate it well, and remix when you are ready to serve.


Sugar, Sugar

The Archies- 1969- hit #1 for four weeks.  Xanthan gum is a polysacharride, a very long string of simple sugar molecules bound in a long chain.  That's how it thickens- long chains that form nets that hold things together.


Safety Dance

Men Without Hats- 1982- #1 on the dance chart.  Like the S-A-F-E-T-Y Dance, xanthan gum is totally safe and healthy to use.  It's versatile, cold process, low dosage, easy to use, and thickens liquids and fluids to just the right texture.

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