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Reservation for One at Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven


Sirio Maccioni


Sirio Maccioni, passed away at the age of 88 on April 20, 2020. The restaurant industry is in nostalgia mostly due to his restaurant, Le Cirque. Le Cirque was a staple in the culinary world and produced chefs of every generation that are now the pioneers and mentors in our industry. His successors include Jacques Torres, Daniel Boloud, Alain Saihac, Geeffrey Zakarian, David Bouley and many more. (See picture below for the Le Cirque family tree)


Le Cirque Family Tree


Both Sirio and Le Cirque was known to serve New York's elite and royalty. At its prime, Le Cirque became a part of pop culture and set the bar high for the fine dining scene. The chefs and restaurant industry would like to say "Thank You for Everything Sirio!". Our condolences to the Maccioni family and friends. For more information check out the links below.


Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven Trailer

NY Times - Sirio Maccioni Dies at 88

Le Cirque Restaurateur has Died at Age 88

Le Cirque Family Tree

People.com - Le Cirque Founder Dead at 88


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