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En La Cocina con Cristina: Olive Oil

21 May, 2021
/ by Bruce Banner/
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We asked Spanish food specialist Cristina Garcia to explain the THREE key facts about Spanish olive oils and explain why choosing Spain's biggest export product is so important.  In addition to this great video, Cristina provided the perfect list.

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Why Spanish Olive Oil?  THE BIG THREE

  1. Ancient Trees- Spanish farmers harvest olives from trees that are 300 to 600 years old.  There is no fast way to cultivate superior olives.
  2. Culinary Tradition- olive oil is the primary fat in Spain's renowned cuisine.  They use it EVERY day for EVERY thing.
  3. Production Experience- as the world's largest producer, providing 50% of the world's olives, no nation has more knowledge and experience with this fruit and its oil.

What you should know about Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil...

  • It's only made from the BEST 20% of the olive crop
  • Cold PRESSED only
  • The best olive variety for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the PICUAL
  • Flavor and aromatic notes 
    • Marcona Almonds
    • Fruity apples and pears
    • A dash of fresh ground black pepper
    • Fresh grassy aroma
  • Used for finishing plates, as a condiment, cold dressings and sauces, and to saute
  • Rich gold and brass color

What you should know about Spanish Pure Olive Oil...

  • Made from the bulk of the olive crop
  • Refined to remove flavor impurities
  • Lighter in color (yellow to gold)
  • Lighter in flavor; harmonizes well in any application
  • Used for any food applications

To see all of our Tierra de Espana olive oils, click here.


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