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Americas Selection for the Pannetone World Cup Decided on Staten Island

Distinguished judges slice up the finest leavened loaves on two continents.

The Pannetone World Cup (Coppa Del Mondo Del Pannetone) held it's Americas Selection event at Bruno Bakery on Staten Island yesterday.  Entries were solicited from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, and the United States.  A distinguished panel of judges were appointed to sample the entries, with scoring and guidelines provided by the organizing committee of the Società Mastri Panettieri Pasticcieri Confettieri del Canton Ticino (SMPPC).  

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Joseph Settepani was selected to represent the Americas at the international final to be contested in Lugano, Switzerland on November 5-7, 2021.

We salute the finalists and judges who labored diligently to rise above the challenges of this time to compete in this great international event.


The judges

  • Ciril Hitz- chef instructor- Johnson and Wales University
  • Charlie Tola- chef/owner- Lulu's Bakery NYC
  • Nick Stork- president- New York State Bakers Association
  • Frank Vollkommer- Certified Master Pastry Chef
  • Peter Yuen- International Baking and Pastry Consultant
  • Mitch Stamm- Executive director- Bread Bakers Guild of America
  • Calogero Romano- chef technician- Paris Gourmet

The finalists

  • Antony Daniele and Eric Goeury- Passion Pannetone
  • Joseph Settepani- Bruno Bakery
  • Jaime Martinez- Cossettas
  • Gart Rulli- Emporio Rulli
  • Jessica Nascimiento Batista- Padeira Jessica
  • Fernando Oliviera- Padeiroartesao
  • Rogerio Shiumura- Bakery Levain Escola de Paneficicacao e Confeitaria
  • Alexandre Marins Da Costa- Ofner
  • Ermenegildo Cimmino- Patisserie Bel Air
  • Ivano Bassi- Bouducco



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