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The $ilent Costs of Indoor Dining Today

HVAC restaurant

Photo credit: www.pininterest.co.kr

New York City restaurants geared up and welcomed customers to finally dine indoors. Majority of restaurants followed the strict rules and guidelines such as visual stations of hand sanitizers, masks worn and temperature checks taken upon arrival, etc


Photo credit: ac-repairplantation.com

Some restaurants are taking even more drastic measures and upgrading their HVAC/ air filtration system to prevent even further spread of the virus. This "upgrade" of equipment leaves another huge bill, adding on to even more debt that restaurants are already dealing with before they can make a profit. The reason is obvious and that reason is for the safety of their own staff and customers.

So the next time you go out to eat and someone at your table complains about the temperature or states "there's a draft"... think twice before you let your server know.

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